Biofilm concept

Our usage of biofilm takes advantages of natural occurring processes. 

Achieving clean water in a very environmentally friendly way

The concept of attached growing biology on a bio media is the basic design parameter in a BACTOCON plant.

There are several reasons why we choose to base our knowledge and experiences on the filter technology

  • Simple and stable running

  • No sludge return

  • Treatment plants that are able to adapt to difficult water

  • Minimizing volumes

  • Lower power consumption

  • Peak performance

  • Low sludge production


The Bio film concept is based upon the rules of nature.

In the biofilm process, the bacterias are fixed on bearing media. For example

  • Rock
  • Coal
  • Sand                                                                                         
  • Lava
  • Plastic

We meet biofilm everywhere in our surroundings                                                                                

  • As layers in water pipes
  • As layers in sewage pipes
  • As growings in lakes and the outdoor environment