Band filter and their usage

How we work with bandfilters as an effective solution in pretreatment

We supply bandfilters in different sizes and different mesh sizes. We work together with Al2 in supplying the filters for most use cases.

Effective mechanical filtration of process water, Waste Water, Cutting oil emulsion, Fish farm water etc. with AL-2 Band Filter.

Description of the functions AL-2 Band Filter: Al-2 Band filter is like an angled conveyor belt, mounted with an endless filter cloth.

The water pass through the filter cloth and all the particles and sludge retain on the belt. The belt bring gentle the dewatered particles and sludge to the top, where a scraper or brush unit remove it before the back of the filter cloth is cleaned with pressure water from tap water or treated water.

The whole process is running continuously and don´t need other filtration equipments such as paper filtration.

The filter comes in different applications and is customized for every new project.