A small revolution in shrimp and fish production

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Main advantages

  • Improvement in production yield between 60-100%
  • Higher oxygen content
  • Vastly improved water quality

We believe that the proven technology of Bactopond can be a gamechanger in pond based shrimp and fish production.

Although the technology is simple and robust, the details developed through years of research and refinement, will mean a massive difference in the quality of the pond and the production outcome.




  • The water quality will be much better

Due to bigger organic decomposition

Less hydraulic turbulence compared with conventional ponds with paddle wheels

Higher decomposition of organic material and ammonia.

  • Oxygen content is higher

Rising oxygen content as the pumping capacity can be controlled

  • Lower pond temperature

The temperature in the ponds can be controlled, ie lowered by 3-4 degree.Celcius

By lowering the temperature the oxygen saturation will be higher, ie better oxygen conditions, especially important in the larvae stage in shrimp production 

  • A low power demand

Power demand can be reduced by 40-50% compared to traditional methods


  • Less Ammonia

The level of ammonia will be reduced, due to a major part of the ammonia will converted to nitrate


  • Less Medicine and antibiotics

The quality of the treated water means that the use of antibiotic and medicine is can be eliminated


  • A Low ecological footprint

Low power and no medicine in the environment leaves less impact on the local area


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