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Reference list, treatment plant, 2014

Sydals Municipality

Høruphav Treatment plant, phosphor precipitation 5000 pe
Hummelvig Treatment plant, phosphor precipitation 10000 pe
Hummelvig Treatment plant, Bio-reactor (submerged filter) 10000 pe
Balancing tanks ( 3) 5000 m3

Sundeved Municipality

Nybøl Treatment plant, inlet screening, phosphor precipitation 1500 pe
Nybøl Treatment plant, surface aeration
Nybøl Treatment plant, band filter
Blans Treatmet plant, phosphor precipitation 1200 pe
Baså, Balancing tank (1500 m³)

Nørre Rangstrup Municipality

Toftlund Treatment plant, inlet screening 7000 pe
Balancing tank receiver (1500 m³)

Augustenborg Municipality

Augustenborg Treatment plant, screening, phosphor precipitation 5000 pe
Fynshav Treatment plant, screening, phosphor precipitation, filter 3500 pe

Danish Crown, Blans ( slaughterhouse)

Sludge dewatering, balancing tank 55000 pe

Anslet Saussage
Process optimisation,( submerged biofilter) sludge treatment 100m3/day

Assens Municipality
Upgrading WWTP ( submerged biofilter) 1500 pe

Upgrading WWTP ( submerged biofilter) 50 pe

Arla ( diary )
Chemical precipitation , upgr. existing WWTP , cheese powder 1000m3/day

Process optimisation, phosphor precipitation 80000 pe

Rostaing, Vietnam
WWTP, tannary chemical precipitation, biological ( submerged filter)

Gjern Fjerkræ
Upgrading WWTP, poultry

Industrial WWTP , food processing,upgrading 150 m3/day

4 industrial treatment plants, decoloring 30-120 m3/hour

Vietnam, COOP
15 smaller wastewater treatment plants, capacity 50-100m3/day
Upgrading wwtp for hotel 800m3/day

Malaysia; Veolia
New and upgrading old wwtp with bandfiltersolutions/ precipitation, palm oil and food processing

UAE Process description , hardware etc for several new plants



ASA ( leachet) DK

Removal of Ammonium ( Trickling filter)

Sydals Municipality DK

Biological, trickling filter, ammonia reduction

Emmelev, DK

Biomass wastewater ( Biofilter)

Arla ( Diary) Aalborg

Polishing cooling tower water ( biofilter), milkpowder

Arla ( Diary), Holstebro

Biological ( submerged filter), milk/ cheese

Arla ( Diary), Aabenraa

Chemical precipitation, biofilter, cheese, butter.

Skallerup Klit ( Resort )

Chemical upgrading 

Sødahl ( Dying)

Decoloring, biofilter, chemical color removal


Oilrecovery ( Biofilter)

Ulster farm ( Ireland)

Rendering factory ( biofilter)

Camau ( Vietnam)

Shrimpproduction , chemical and biological ( biofilter)

Tran Hiep Thanh ( Vietnam)

Dying factory, chemical colorremoval , biological ( biofilter)

Atlantic Coffee ( Vietnam)

Chemical precipitation( Coffee bean polishing)

HACO ( Malaysia)

Chemical precipitation ( instant coffee)

Gardenia ( Malaysia)

Chemical precipitation ( Bakery production)

Agro Ferm

Chemical precipitation, biological ( Biofilter ), Lysin production

Farre, Danpo

Chemical precipitation ( Chickenslaughterhouse )

South Africa

Test on minisystems with submerged filters